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Appointments can be made for any day of the week.

Still doing passport photos for all nationality requirements.  With the added option of having some other extra  flattering images taken and then enhanced with a digital makeover that you will have the option of  purchasing . 

Passport photos $20 for online or print option. $25 for both options.

An extra portrait, digitally enhanced taken at the same session using virtual backgrounds will only cost $77 for a small Dye Sub sample  print and the digital file.

Family Portrait Specials

$199* package includes the sitting and  two retouched JPEG files and

if a 3D session,  then also all the 3D images for viewing on a 3D TV.  View proofs from the session in 3D and 2D.

*$10 extra for each additional adult.

Prints from the session are $55 for 12″x8″  (20cm x30cm) or smaller and would be posted.

3D photography  also known as Stereoscopic Photography

The 3D Sitting 

To enhance the 3D experience  and making it more fun, having input from the family of how the 3D part of the photographic shoot  can  best reflect personal characteristics helps a lot.  Items such as  a pice of sports equipment or a sheet of music or an instrument  from work or play.  The studio has items for golf, chess sets and bubbles and a a few other items.

With the 3D images there is no depth of field issues  and so it is best if we can project depth with props in front and behind. The choice of Virtual Background will be influenced by the colours in the clothes you wear.  I also have  a riot shield to protect the apparatus for when  items are, bounced, fired, squirted  or thrown at the lens’s.